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Beer-Me University

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in to Boondocks Brewing Beer-Me University.

This special University is intended to be an educational exercise in Fermentation Science and Craft-Beerology. You will be exposed to an amazing variety of Craft Beer and as part of your education; you will be tasked with learning more about the beers in which you consume.

We invite you to consider how our distinctive approach to beer education can help you realize the vast options available to your beer drinking future. Through our comprehensive curriculum, you will gain the knowledge and experience to set short and long term goals for yourself. After progressing through the elementary, middle, junior and senior high school levels you will be building your skills to move forward to your freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior college studies. For those of you wishing to truly earn the title of “Fear no Beer” Jedi, we offer post graduate and masters programs.

First, a few rules and requirements to participate:

  • You must be 21 years of age of older to enroll
  • A photo ID is required to enroll
  • Once enrolled you will receive a unique ID Number and a Beer-Me U Study guide. This guide will be used to track your progress (more about that later).
  • Repeated purchases of beer that have already been recorded will not count
  • Membership is not transferrable
  • No more than four beers can be counted towards your goal during any 24 hour period. We do NOT wish to promote excessive drinking, but rather beer education and information. All beers consumed over this amount will NOT be counted towards completion requirements.
  • Only 16 ounce draft or 12 ounce (or above) bottles are valid entries. 10 ounce and flights do not count towards your completion requirements.
  • Beer-Me University members are responsible for their Study Guide while in their possession and must be returned along with a receipt listing beers consumed in order for proper credit to be applied. Loss or destruction of your Study Guide may terminate your membership and result in previously consumed beers not being counted.
  • Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant will determine if entries in your Study Guide are valid before they are counted. Any attempt to deceive or otherwise “cheat” may result in your membership being terminated.
  • All rules are subject to change
  • Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant reserves the right to limit and/or refuse service to anyone for any reason.

So here is how it works:

  • To enroll you must provide a picture id and complete and enrollment application (just ask your server, bartender or get your application online at
  • Once your application is approved you will be issued a personalized Beer-Me U study guide and ID Card. This guide will provide a means of tracking beers, tasting notes and other information as you progress through your journey. Your study guide will be kept behind the bar in a safe location while you are away. When you are at Boondocks, simply give your server your ID Card and they will bring you your study guide.
  • During your visit you will use your study guide to record new and unique beers that you consume. There will be space for tasting notes as well as other information about each beer in your guide. Please ask your server sign off on the beers that you had and/or to print you an extra copy of your ticket so that you can turn that in with your study guide. This will be used to validate your entries.
  • Your score will be posted to our website where you can check your standings and those of other Beer-Me U students.
  • To make your studies more enjoyable and to allow you the opportunity to set reachable goals we have established the following curriculum:
    • Elementary (at the completion you will receive a $10 gift card)
      • Grade 1 – Goal - 8 unique beers 
      • Grade 2 – Goal – 8 unique beers 
      • Grade 3 – Goal – 8 unique beers 
    • Middle (at the completion you will receive a $10 gift card & logo Glass)
      • Grade 4 – Goal – 10 unique beers 
      • Grade 5 – Goal – 10 unique beers 
      • Grade 6 – Goal – 10 unique beers 
    • Junior (at the completion you will receive a $10 gift card & logo T-shirt)
      • Grade 7 – Goal – 12 unique beers 
      • Grade 8 – Goal – 12 unique beers 
      • Grade 9 – Goal – 12 unique beers 
    • Senior (at the completion you will receive a $10 gift card, a special Beer-Me U t-shirt. Your name will also be added to our Beer-Me U wall plaque)
      • Grade 10 – Goal – 14 unique beers 
      • Grade 11 – Goal – 14 unique beers 
      • Grade 12 – Goal – 14 unique beers 

  • Once you have successfully graduated from Beer-Me U High School you will receive a diploma and a special discount card that will give you special discounts throughout the following year. You will also receive special recognition on our web site and will be given access to a special Beer-Me U Alumni Facebook page that will only be accessible by Beer-Me U Alumni. Your completed Study Guide will be signed by our management team and bartenders and will be returned to you as a keepsake.
  • If you would like to continue your studies you may do so simply by letting us know that you wish to enter in to your College Studies Program, at which time a College Study guide will be prepared for you. This will follow a similar curriculum as High School but will be a little more challenging with even better rewards.
  • Once you graduate from College you will be able to hold your head high in pride and will become part of a very elite group. You will also be eligible to move on to our post-graduate study program and then on to our Masters program where we will see just how good you really are. In these programs you will actually be asked to take some “exams” in order to move on to the next level, thus further enhancing your knowledge of Craft Beer.

Beer-Me U Application

You can stop by the Restaurant and pick up your application or you can simply fill in your information here and we will do the rest.  Once approved your Beer-Me U study guide will be prepared and waiting for you at the Bar.

Application for acceptance in to Boondocks Brewing Beer-Me University

By completing and sending this application you attest to the fact that you have an interest in learning more about craft beer and that you have read the rules and regulations of this program. You also attest that you hold Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant harmless and will not be liable for any actions or events involving you while you are a student in good standing in Beer-Me U. You also attest that the information provided in this application is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you are of legal drinking age and are under no court order or other restrictions that would prohibit you from participating in the program.

Thank you for your interest in Beer-Me U. Your information has been received and if accepted your Study Guide will be waiting on you at the Bar in the next day or so.
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